Mobisol Becomes Lighting Global Program Associate

Mobisol is proud to now be a Lighting Global Program Associate. We believe that our customers have the right to own high quality solar solutions that are effective, efficient, durable and sustainable. This is why we have an entire department headquartered in Berlin dedicated to quality assurance with members in each of the project countries continuously testing, verifying and providing input for the best possible optimization of all our products.

Additionally, we at Mobisol believe that it is our customers’ right to be able to verify the quality of the products through well-respected third-party institutions using transparent screening and quality assurance methods. The Lighting Global program and its regional affiliate programs – Lighting Africa, Lighting Asia and Lighting Pacific – all work to build markets capable of bringing high quality, affordable modern off-grid lighting products to off-grid consumers. Supporting client companies to expand markets for their quality-verified products is a cornerstone of this work. Client companies such as Mobisol become Lighting Global’s Program Associates after one or more of their products meet the Lighting Global Quality Standards and the company passes a comprehensive due diligence screening which includes a Business Integrity Review.

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