Mobisol Rwanda Electrifies 10,000 Households

winner of free systemMobisol is proud and happy to have signed up their 10,000th customer in Rwanda!
This is an important milestone for Mobisol which has started operations in Rwanda only two years prior.

During the celebratory ceremony honouring Mobisol Rwanda’s achievements to date, the company awarded a free 200 Wp Mobisol solar system and a 24 inch Mobisol television to their 10,000th client. The winner of the free solar home system, Mr. Misago Faustin from Nyamiyumbo in Kirehe District, expressed his gratitude for having won the free solar system. The young entrepreneur stated that he is going to use the solar system to power his barber salon and phone charging businesses.

Team RwandaSpeaking at the handover ceremony, Mobisol chief operations officer Raoul Ngendahayo said: “Over the last two years, Mobisol has been at the forefront of improving the living standards of Rwandans.” He further said Mobisol has noticeably and positively improved the economic situation of customers households and educational opportunities of Rwandans by powering businesses and schools that were previously without electricity. Mobisol Rwanda seeks to improve the living standards of Rwandans through provision of affordable and healthier power options. He said Mobisol has helped power homes, businesses and schools, especially in rural areas, that had previously been without electricity. “As a result, customers have been shielded from volatile market forces and the high cost of fossil fuels and therefore improved their economic situation and educational opportunities,” Ngendahayo said.

Working in partnership with the Government of Rwanda and the European Union, Mobisol Rwanda has provided rural households, businesses and public institutions with clean, affordable and reliable solar energy. Looking towards 2018, Mobisol Rwanda aims at electrifying 49,000 households and 1,000 schools together with Energy Development Corporation Ltd. (EDCL) under a project co-financed by the European Union and the Government of Rwanda.

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