Mobisol tests solar powered Drone Delivery Network

As access to affordable and reliable solar energy is changing the lives of the rural off-grid communities in Africa dramatically, we are taking technology delivery one step further: Mobisol is testing its innovative solar-powered drone delivery infrastructure across East Africa.

Transporting goods in remote rural areas of East Africa is expensive, unreliable and time-consuming. That’s why we are currently testing the leap-frogging of infrastructural deficits by piloting over-the-air delivery by solar-powered drones.

During the pilot phase we will evaluate customer acceptance and analyze technical constraints. In order to address the issues of recharge capabilities and bridging larger distances, we are utilizing the already existing and ever growing network of our solar home systems in East Africa as recharge hubs.

The operation is carbon free, powered by the sun; and it creates decentralized income as customers are provided with an additional stream of income by charging the copters with their solar system’s electricity. The project underlines the vast possibilities for Mobisol in the off-grid market and the many opportunities for innovation to create leap-frogs, saving resources – and again improving the lives of our customers while contributing to world wide climate change mitigation.

Check out our video about the pilot project (click bottom right for full screen):
[vimeo id=”148290428″ mode=”normal” maxwidth=”800″]