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We’ve come a long way in just seven years, having grown from a two-man startup to a global company with over 750 employees and customers in 12 countries. Our vision is to help alleviate poverty by providing sustainable and affordable energy solutions to 20 million people by 2023. We aim to identify and develop creative and affordable alternatives to unhealthy, environmentally harmful and expensive fossil fuels.

  • 2011

    and testing of
    first prototype

  • 2012

    First pilot
    programs begin
    in Kenya and

  • 2013

    Launch of
    in Tanzania

  • 2014

    Start of
    in Rwanda

  • 2016

    Expansion of
    to Kenya

  • 2017

    of 500,000

  • 2018

    initiated in a
    further 9



    Mary lives with her five children and twenty-four other members of the extended family in her tribe’s housing complex on the Tanzanian Maasai steppe. The family pays for their Mobisol solar home system through an affordable three-year installment plan via their mobile phone. The family uses the system for lighting, listening to the radio and watching TV. Mary explains: “The children now have bright light to do homework. They do not use the kerosene lamp any more, the fumes made them cough at night. We feel more connected to the rest of the world through the radio and TV.” For her, another main benefit of having electricity is that she can charge her mobile phone to reach family members who are out herding the cattle.


    Mr Teti

    Mr Teti lives in the lush pastoralist area of Madji ya Chai. He owns four small businesses: A small grocery store, a phone charging station, a barber shop and a tailoring center – all run by a single 200W Mobisol SHS. He additionally acquired some of Mobisol’s DC appliances: Using the Mobicharger he can charge 10 customers phones simultaneously, and the solar-powered haircutter allowed him to start a barbershop. Mr Teti explains: “I love that I make money with my solar system and can pay off the installments with what I earn. The system was installed right after I signed up – and if there are any problems I can just call the hotline and they will send a technician to fix the issue.”


    Ms Songeti

    Ms Songeti, head teacher at Elishama Secondary School in Arusha, has acquired a Mobisol solar system to illuminate all of the classrooms and dormitories in the boarding school that hosts approximately 60 students. The system can also run a radio, a TV and charge the teachers’ phones. Ms Songeti adds: “The system can power laptops and an internet router. Being able to access knowledge via the internet becomes increasingly important – both for teachers and for students, as an essential skill for their future.“



    Joseph runs a welding and metalwork shop in Nane Nane, Arusha. He is currently trialling one of Mobisol’s larger systems that have been developed by Mobisol’s innovation hub, the MobiLab. With a total power output of 800W, the Mobisol Solar Work Station runs energy-intensive appliances such as welding machines or electric drills and saws. Joseph is impressed by the capabilities of the solar system: “My work is no longer dependent on the electrical grid which experiences frequent power cuts, I am more productive. I am hoping to soon acquire a Mobisol work station for my home village which is not connected to the national grid. With the work station, they do not have to rely on long travels to the city, they can be productive right there in the village, powered by the sun."

Awards & Certifications

“We have trained hundreds of staff, engineered systems fully adapted to local conditions and helped to mitigate climate change. Every day, we strive to provide the best customer care and service.”


Corporate Responsibility

Mobisol is a socially conscious, impact-driven business. We aim to support and drive socio-economic development in the communities we work in. Creating fair working conditions, communicating transparently and reducing our ecological footprint are just a few aspects of our commitment to build a fully sustainable foundation for our activities all over the world.

Read more about Mobisol’s core values in our Code of Ethics.

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