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If you share our passion for technological innovation and believe in sustainable development, we invite you to become an integral part of our international team. We encourage our employees to take initiative, seize opportunities and foster diversity. Depending on your qualifications and experience, we offer a wide range of exciting positions.


    Greyson Metili

    Senior Head of Supply Chain Tanzania

    Location: Arusha, Tanzania

    “Working at ENGIE Mobisol constantly offers me the chance to fulfill my passion for serving the community by devising better means of getting our products to our customers efficiently. ENGIE Mobisol has given me room to grow my organizational skills and always be creative."


    Li Feng

    Senior Product Manager

    Location: Berlin, Germany

    "Working at ENGIE Mobisol is about finding innovative solutions to interesting challenges. I enjoy searching for new ways of providing our customers with high-quality products and the best value for money. At ENGIE Mobisol, I can comfortably balance my professional career and my private life, while still enjoying a lot of responsibility.“


    James Farquharson

    Risk Account Manager

    Location: Berlin, Germany

    "ENGIE Mobisol is a company that dreams big. It influences everything we do, what we offer, where we go, and how we get there. It forces us to keep innovating and keep stretching ourselves. And that makes for an exciting working environment."


    Evaline Ntenga

    Chief Financial Officer Tanzania

    Location: Arusha, Tanzania

    "I feel passionate about what ENGIE Mobisol does: innovation and directly touching people's lives were the key reasons that motivated me to join the company. My role gives me enough challenges and opportunities to expand my skillset. Being an innovative company, there is room for every employee to implement their own ideas. As the CFO responsible for human resources, my focus is always on ways to create employee happiness and in turn, translate their happiness into making our customers happy. In so doing I create my own happiness, the reason I’m always smiling."

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

African Proverb

Open Positions

  • Head of Customer Finance (f/m/d) Benin

  • Insider (f/m/d) ENGIE Energy Access

  • Software Engineer (f/m/d) based in Kampala or Berlin

  • Digital Product Manager (f/m/d)

  • Planning & Ordering Manager

  • Head of Digital Product

  • Product Manager - Solar Business Systems (f/m/d) Uganda