ENGIE Mobisol Rwanda supports teachers to access Solar Home System credit financing for the first time

Almost 70 teachers in Rwanda have gained access to credit financing to rent-to-own their own Solar Home System for the first time – and at an 18% discount – thanks to a campaign run by ENGIE Mobisol Rwanda in partnership with the Development Bank of Rwanda and the teachers’ cooperative, Umwalimu Sacco.

ENGIE Mobisol Rwanda took part in the #CanaUhendukiwe campaign throughout the country from August 11 to 28, 2020. Representatives from the company traveled throughout many districts to inform teachers about the long-lasting benefits of having clean, affordable solar energy at home; avoiding power outages and toxic fumes from kerosene lamps, and gaining the opportunity to launch extra income-generating activities through productive use appliances.

Under the partnership, the Development Bank of Rwanda provided lending to Umwalimu Sacco, through which teachers were able to access loans to rent their own Solar Home System. Umwalimu Sacco is a savings and credit cooperative that was set up in 2006 to empower Rwandan teachers to uplift their social-economic welfare and contribute to the socio-economic development of their communities.

Speaking during an event for the campaign held in Rulindo district, Abdul Karim Rutayisire, Sales Corporate Officer at ENGIE Mobisol Rwanda, encouraged teachers to light their homes with reliable Solar Home Systems and enjoy the opportunity to access a discounted and long-term warranty.


“ENGIE Mobisol is committed to supporting Rwanda’s 100% electrification target by 2024. Apart from lighting homes, you can run income-generating activities. We provide the installation for free and offer 3 years’ warranty. The time is now to take advantage of our Solar Home Systems and eliminate the use of kerosene lamps.”

Abdul Karim Rutayisire, Sales Corporate Officer, ENGIE Mobisol Rwanda


ENGIE Mobisol offered teachers a premium Solar TV System with integrated battery 40W panel, at an affordable price. Teachers were also given the opportunity to experience a wide range of products made available by ENGIE Mobisol including Solar Home System 100W with battery of 50 amp, 200W lights with battery of 100amp, as well as entertainment and productive use appliances such as TVs (24”, 32” and 43”) stereo radios, torches, flat-iron boxes, hair-cutters, lamps and phone chargers.

About ENGIE Mobisol

ENGIE Mobisol develops innovative, smart off-grid solar solutions for homes and businesses. Since it was founded in Berlin, Germany, in 2011, the company has equipped more than 800,000 people with clean and reliable energy in Sub-Saharan Africa. It has sold more than 160,000 Solar Home Systems, with 16MW capacity, saving 80,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. It employs more than 500 staff in 5 locations across 3 continents (Germany, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and China) and approximately 1,200 contractors. Plug and play products and services are integrated with affordable mobile payment plans and the latest PAYG technology, enabling customers and distribution partners access to energy-efficient appliances. In 2019, Mobisol was acquired by energy giant ENGIE, and joins Fenix and ENGIE PowerCorner in ENGIE’s off-grid stable. ENGIE is now the leading off-grid, Pay-as-you-Go solutions provider in Africa, serving 5 million people.