Mobisol & Aeris to Drive Emerging-Economies by Providing Energy to Millions in Off-Grid Communities via IoT

Mobisol has partnered with Aeris, a IoT solutions and platform provider, to further  improve its hardware and software offering for customers and business partners.

The Aeris partnership will ensure that Mobisol’s devices can be monitored and maintained remotely, adapt to growing demands for its technology worldwide and can be agile in its device deployment thanks to Aeris’ future proven solutions. It will further assist Mobisol with its recently launched Paygee Software Suite, which is designed to become the go-to solution for any business in need of a completely integrated PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go) platform. It provides a central point of information for system performance, payment schedules and customer related information. 

Mobisol will leverage Aeris® IoT Connectivity Services’expertise and its non-steered multi-network roaming Subscriber Identify Module (SIM) to ensure reliable IoT connectivity, allowing Mobisol to remotely monitor its solutions even in off-grid locations. By having the ability to remotely monitor its devices, Mobisol can use real-time data to optimise its firmware and undertake remote diagnostics. This leads to an operational cost saving as it reduces the need to send out engineers to rural and hard to reach locations, while improving the performance, reliability and longevity of its products, which in turn will increase customer satisfaction.

The real-time data also ensures that Mobisol can monitor whether its customers are keeping up with their payment plan and take quick action if any payment problems occur. It enables Mobisol to optimise costs by suspending devices that are no longer generating revenue, or suspend communication if the payment plan on the device has been finished. Devices can also be reactivated to re-allow remote diagnostics.

Aeris enables Mobisol to incorporate its SIMs at the point of manufacture, test the final product on the production line and ship the final product across the world to its reseller and distributors without incurring any additional data communication costs. Mobisol will only pay for the services when its devices are installed and generating revenue.

By utilising AerPort, Aeris’ management portal, and its powerful and robust set of application programming interfaces (APIs), Mobisol is able to have real-time access to data usage, alert and device management over the SIM life cycle, regardless of location. It also enables Mobisol to better manage delivery of services to their customers via faster diagnoses of device activity and performance via Aerport.

Mobisol’s aims to license the use of its technology to companies operating in areas such as Latin and South America – areas which fall out of Mobisol’s principal markets. The partnership with Aeris enables it to offer these potential licensees ease of deployment and reliable device connectivity anywhere in the world

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