Mobisol celebrates 5th birthday

Mobisol proudly celebrated our 5th birthday with a week and a half of retrospection, evaluation, and generating a common vision for the years to come!

We’ve come a long way since 2010 when Mobisol was born out of the idea to merge the solar revolution and the mobile revolution to bring reliable, clean and affordable energy to the base of the economic pyramid. We’ve met many challenges and celebrated many successes since the prototype of Mobisol’s solar systems was first developed in a garage in East Berlin. Only a few members of our ever-growing Mobisol family remember the pilot phase that commenced in late 2011 in Tanzania and Kenya with 100 solar systems installed in each country. A few more team members remember the market introduction of Version 7 and commercial roll-out of Mobisol’s smart solar home systems at the turn of the year 2012/2013. The team in Berlin and Tanzania had already substantially grown when we started operations in Rwanda in 2014 and subsequently introduced the concept of the Mobisol Akademie.

As of now, we have installed over 26,000 smart solar home and business systems in East Africa and are proud to have created a real impact on our customers’ lives. We are proud and happy that our systems enable children to study at night while not endangering their health and future by breathing in dangerous kerosene fuels. We are delighted to give people the opportunity to run appliances such as laptops, the Mobicharger, fridges, TVs, radios and projectors that increase their economic and educational opportunities – and, notably, better their quality of life. We believe that everybody has the right to enjoy certain comforts in life; and we are still (almost) as excited as our customers when we see them turn on the switches to illuminate their homes for the first time, or simply plug in their mobile phone to charge. We are proud to see businesses flourishing using Mobisol systems – be it solar-powered barber shops, phone and lantern charging shops or village cinemas. Last but not least, we’re steadfast in our commitment to contribute to climate change mitigation by compensating CO2 emissions.

In order to celebrate our achievements and jointly formulate our future vision, the Mobisol teams have met for ten days of workshops, planning, discussions and simple seeing-each-other-in-person in Berlin. We were glad to have the opportunity for the first time to be able to invite many of our longest standing colleagues from Tanzania, Rwanda and China to Berlin. It was with great joy to show them to Mobisol’s new and larger Berlin office, the city, and even some aspects of the German countryside with a tour down the river Spree on hand-made rafts and a joyful camping experience in the beautiful Brandenburg nature.

We are happy and proud to be part of an ever-growing enthusiastic, creative, innovative and extremely engaged team of wonderful people from 20 nations. What had began as a two-man experiment 5 years prior has now become a multinational company with a team of over 400 team members – and still, we strongly believe in the vision to empower communities worldwide with clean and affordable energy. For the years to come, we are looking forward to providing clean power to families and small businesses in many more countries, providing ever more useful appliances & services to our customers and engaging in fruitful partnerships with dedicated affiliates. Cheers to another fantastic five, ten, and many more years of substantially and sustainably plugging in the world together!