Mobisol commits to GOGLA’s consumer protection code

Mobisol is excited to announce that it has partnered with Gogla (The Voice of the Off-grid Solar Industry) in an initiative to develop a consumer protection code. The Consumer Protection Code was developed to safeguard and respect consumer rights in the off-grid solar industry. It is based on six principles of business practice, which include:

⦁ Transparency
⦁ Good product quality
⦁ Responsible pricing
⦁ Good customer service
⦁ Data privacy
⦁ Fair and respectful treatment of consumers

Mobisol is at the forefront of such innovation. In fact, an internal customer protection self-assessment has already been conducted in 2017-18 highlighting a good state of compliance with existing standards. Confirming its dedication, Mobisol has recently signed a letter of commitment towards the GOGLA’s newly established principles as an important milestone to protecting its customers. GOGLA is currently leading a procedure to develop in-depth measurement indicators and a reporting framework that can allow for the systematic assessment of companies. Throughout 2019 Mobisol will be working with GOGLA to measure, demonstrate and improve it’s practice ahead of formal recognition by 2020.