Mobisol enters Nigerian market under the helm of Cherie Blair Foundation mentor Sylvia Omlenyi

Mobisol’s innovative solar energy systems have come to Nigeria, led by one of the country’s most accomplished young businesswomen. After rising through the ranks over the last 13 years to senior positions at Procter & Gamble and Diageo, Sylvia Omlenyi is utilizing her vast experience of the Nigerian market to serve as Operations Manager for Mobisol Nigeria.

Mobisol Nigeria, based out of Lagos, is currently setting up partnerships with local companies (B2B clients). These companies will be responsible for distribution, end consumer sales and after-sales service. As the technology partner, Mobisol Nigeria will play a key role in reaching 200,000 beneficiaries by 2022.

With close to 200 million residents, Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa but limitations in the electricity grid have been a hindrance to economic growth. Some 20 million remain without access to power so expensive and noisy diesel-fuelled generators are used instead. Mobisol is applying the expertise it has built up in the 12 other countries where it already employs a partnership model to offer clean and sustainable energy products for home and productive business use. Mobisol’s systems, which come with extra appliances such as fans, TVs and mobile phone chargers, are available in four sizes, each of which can individually provide light for more than 24 hours.


“I want to make a positive impact in society and I’m excited to leverage my experience to build Mobisol’s business in Nigeria. Mobisol’s ethos resonates with my passion for renewable energy and how it can be used to help Nigeria develop.”

Sylvia Omlenyi, Operations Manager Mobisol Nigeria


Mrs Omlenyi brings prowess in business development, sales and capability building to Mobisol. After graduating from the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, with a degree in Human Dietetics and Nutrition, she rapidly made an impact at Procter & Gamble, and then Diageo, by finding efficiencies and creating paths for distributors to take agency. She has been a strong advocate of green energy since she learnt about the power of solar in her role as a mentor to female entrepreneurs in the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.

Mrs Omlenyi learnt her business acumen from her mother, who acted as a mentor for small businesses, while her father empowered her to grow into a strong woman. She is dedicated to helping the next generation fulfil their goals in Nigeria and she also plans to help more women to work in the technical areas of solar, such as installation. “Mobisol’s German-engineered products are more advanced than anything available in Nigeria to date,” she said. “The integrity of our software and comprehensive after-sales service means that we will be improving the lives of Nigerian people and helping businesses to grow with energy from solar products that truly stand the test of time.”


“I’m working towards making Mobisol the leader in Nigeria’s alternative energy industry, showing other companies what renewable energy can offer in terms of innovation and impact in people’s lives.”

Sylvia Omlenyi, Operations Manager Mobisol Nigeria


The first shipments of Mobisol’s German-engineered products have arrived in Nigeria and distributors in the south-west, north and east are starting to take orders from customers. Mobisol is also partnering with private real estate developers to ensure that new homes come equipped with Mobisol’s alternative power solutions.

Solar Nigeria, run by Adam Smith International, was an important early supporter of Mobisol Nigeria as part of its private sector development programme. Ekene Aina, Partnership & Expansion Manager at Mobisol GmbH said “We feel this is a further validation of our approach to the market and underlines the importance of the local partnerships we are building.”