Mobisol joins World Clean Up Day

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On the 15th September, Mobisol, along with millions of volunteers all over the world, joined together in cleaning up the planet by taking part in the World Clean Up Day, organized by the Let’s Do It! World organization. With over 15 million people participating in over 150 countries, World Clean Up Day is one of the biggest civil movements combating a global problem: the pollution caused by garbage. Mobisol took part in Kenya, Tanzania and Germany, by contributing supplies such as vehicles, trash bags and more. Volunteers from Mobisol were excited to be able to participate in time for the World Clean Up Day’s 10 year anniversary. 

“It was a great experience to be able to take part in, and we were astounded by the turn-out. Over 1000 volunteers showed up, filling 1000 bags of trash which were removed from rivers, forests and streets,” said a volunteer from Mobisol who participated in Arusha, Tanzania. 

Along with this, Mobisol has introduced a new Environment Management System, a part of which was achieved by creating an office waste guideline for employees, to promote the proper separation and recycling of waste. Mobisol is excited to take part in the World Clean Up Day again next year, to help fight for a cleaner planet.

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