Mobisol offers the most powerful solar system certified by Lighting Global

Mobisol has been awarded with a Lighting Global Quality Assurance Certificate for their entire 80Wp-200Wp Solar Home System (SHS) product family, as well as for their 200Wp Bright Future SHS. Lighting Global, an innovation of the World Bank Group, provides the most up-to-date, globally relevant quality standards for SHS.

The Lighting Global test results confirm Mobisol’s 200W Bright Future SHS is far ahead of the competition, substantially outperforming comparable systems tested in terms of Available Daily Electrical Energy (Wh/day) and Lumens. The closest market equivalents tested at 129 Available Daily Electrical Energy (Wh/day) compared to Mobisol’s 600 Wh/day, and 1300 Lumens compared to Mobisol’s 5700 Lumens.

As the largest system on the Lighting Global platform, Mobisol’s Bright Future SHS includes a lighting package of 12 light bulbs, a torch, as well as a HD 32” flatscreen television, radio, and mobile phone charging. This system can easily be used for institutional and productive use – e.g. by illuminating an entire rural school, health center or small business, while simultaneously providing entertainment through the large TV & radio and charging cell phones.

Through the Mobisol Family SHS Certification, now all of Mobisol’s solar home systems are quality verified by Lighting Global’s rigorous testing standards. The Lighting Global Quality Standards set a baseline level of quality, durability, and truth-in-advertising. They enable both customers and partners to objectively compare and judge available off-grid solar solutions based on results deriving from impartial tests, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

Learn more about the Lighting Global Quality Standards.

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