Mobisol partners with atmosfair to compensate for flight emissions

“WE CONSIDER PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT AND PEOPLE’S HEALTH AS PART OF OUR VISION” – is one of Mobisol’s guiding principles being part of the company’s Code of Ethics.

In order to fulfill this vision and its long-time mission of consistently contributing to environmental protection, Mobisol has engaged in a partnership with the Berlin-based company atmosfair. Setting off the carbon emissions of its 2017 business flights, Mobisol paid compensation payments that are funding atmosfair’s activities in Rwanda.

atmosfair is a climate protection organization with a focus on travel. They actively protect the climate by offsetting greenhouse gases through the use of renewable energies, among other activities. The project in Rwanda supports efficient cook stoves distribution through local organizations to rural communities. The design and construction of the efficient firewood stoves makes them as easy and intuitive to use as the stoves that preceded them. Compared to a traditional three-stone fire, the new stove uses 80% less wood to achieve the same performance. A health study confirmed that the stoves help to avoid respiratory diseases, which are common among people who cook traditionally on open fire.

Stainless steel sheets are bent and the stoves are assembled through atmosfair’s local partner organizations.

Overall, Mobisol compensated for 500tons of CO2 emissions for 2017 and is envisaging to continue these efforts for the future flight emissions.

Further we would like to encourage all partners and supporters to consider offsetting their own travel emission as a contribution to climate protection with added value to people globally.

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