Mobisol welcomes Simon Kibuchi as new MD for Kenya

Mobisol GmbH has announced the appointment of Simon Kibuchi as Managing Director for Kenya.

With Mr Kibuchi, Mobisol has won a major asset in the region as he brings more than 20 years’ senior management and sales experience at multinationals in East and West Africa, including Cadbury and Tetra Pak. He will be building on the success of his predecessor, Henrik Axelsson-Lilja, former CEO of Mobisol East Africa.

Mr Kibuchi’s career trajectory, from growing up on a humble dairy farm in central Kenya to studying strategy at the IMD business school in Switzerland, makes him perfectly qualified to best serve the needs of his countrymen. “I understand the problems that people have to go through at the grassroots,” he said. “They have the same aspirations as anyone else for a good life but they are faced with extremely difficult circumstances.”

Mobisol is a natural thought leader in developing solar home systems and we have a strong pipeline of business development products coming onto the market in the coming months, which gives us a huge opportunity to take leadership in the solar sector in Kenya and East Africa.

Simon Kibuchi, MD Kenya



Since Mobisol began operating in Kenya in 2016, the innovative solar energy equipment supplier has utilized its wealth of German engineering and design expertise to plug in 40,000 off-grid, rural residents and instal 800.6 KW of power off-grid. The German-headquartered company employs more than 200 people in Kenya and is also creating a positive economic impact through logistics and distribution chain. Under the steady hand of Mr Kibuchi, Mobisol aims to build up to 400,000 off-grid customers in Kenya within the next five years.


“My vision for developing Mobisol in Kenya is to grow a geographical expansion as well as a vertical expansion which can achieve new business, new customers and to launch new products.

Simon Kibuchi, MD Kenya



Before joining Mobisol, Mr Kibuchi founded an environmentally-friendly timber supplier and he is extremely passionate about the ethical business methods of companies such as Mobisol. “Even when we talk about profits and growth it is important to be sustainable,” he enthused. “Being sustainable is not just an emotional choice – it’s smart business. If you can only grow commercially by attacking communities and the planet then you’re eventually going to fail.”

Thomas Gottschalk, founder and Managing Director of Mobisol Group said “In such a dynamic and rapidly growing industry, it is essential for Mobisol to continue with great leadership to steer our still relatively young business in Kenya in the right direction. Simon Kibuchi exactly represents what we were looking for: a passionate, visionary and experienced leader. We are very happy to welcome Simon to our Mobisol family.”