Paygee expands beyond solar to more sectors

There is huge demand in remote areas for an easy, affordable solution for off-grid and pay-as-you-go (PAYG) product sales. As the team behind the PAYG software that has fuelled Mobisol’s first generation success in solar, Paygee has the expertise needed to open up this life-changing technology to all sectors.

Paygee’s key goals are empowering local entrepreneurship in rural and remote parts of Africa and worldwide, while making high value goods affordable for the underserved. And so it comprises a complete ecosystem to run a business of any scale. This hardware agnostic software suite combines mobile apps and web interfaces. This framework ensures distributors hit the ground running, while hardware makes manufacturers’ products PAYG-compatible.

PAYG technology has paved the way for the financial inclusion of millions of unbanked rural households. This has opened up a world of transformational products through the Paygee platform. These include solar-powered light and energy systems, fans, TVs and fridges, smartphones and computers, and even electric bikes used for ride sharing schemes. Paygee also gives access to productivity tools that help to generate income, such as solar water pumps and irrigation tools. Since Paygee was merged in a Mobisol takeover of Lumeter in 2017, the platform has served more than 500,000 customers. Key Paygee partners include Mobisol, GreenLightPlanet, Fosera, Endless, Payjoy, Omnivoltaic, Baobab+ and Vitalite to date.


“After seeing how Mobisol benefited from using the technology involved in Paygee, we wanted to open it up to other companies.”

Stefan Zelazny, Chief Innovation Officer, Mobisol


Stefan Zelazny, Chief Innovation Officer at Mobisol, said: “After seeing how Mobisol benefited from using the technology involved in Paygee, we wanted to open it up to other companies. This is why we launched the separate Paygee brand one year ago. Since then we have been busy fine-tuning the components based on the analysis of our business clients. We are excited now to be able to say that the finishing touches are being put into place. More customers can be onboarded in the coming months.”

At the core of the Paygee model are condensed and tested best practices built up over 8 years of running supply chains and monitoring more than 100,000 systems in rural parts of Africa for Mobisol. Paygee primarily works with mobile money or other digital payments, but cash is also accepted. Mobile money, where payments are made electronically in real time through a smartphone, has developed rapidly in East Africa. It is widely accepted in Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. West African nations such as Nigeria are increasingly following suit.


“When I went to Africa I realized how much Paygee is changing people’s lives.”

Loki English, Product Designer, Paygee


First generation solar companies such as Mobisol evolved PAYG to overcome the lack of financing institutions in rural, remote areas. Products purchased on a payment plan can be remotely switched on and off, depending on the customer’s repayment status. Paygee acts as a social tool to mitigate missing legal systems. This allows for great flexibility for the customer but also ensures a high repayment likelihood . Paygee’s customer relations management system inspires engaged after-sales service. It provides businesses with remote analysis of repayment behavior, which helps them to sell more. Customers create a credit history with Paygee. This means they can acquire high value products from other businesses, because they can use the asset as collateral.

Loki English, who leads product design at Paygee, is inspired by the software’s transformational abilities for the world’s one billion people without electricity at home. “When I went to Africa I realized how much Paygee is changing people’s lives. It was humbling to be reminded of what it’s like to have to live without light, especially in a place where it gets dark at 5.30pm. When locals gain access to light suddenly everyone wants to come around to celebrate. It creates a huge sense of pride.”

Paygee is supported by funds from USAID (Scaling Off-Grid Energy Project)