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ENGIE Mobisol Offers


8+ years on the field expertise

ENGIE Mobisol now has on ground expertise of 8+ years in the market


Round the clock

ENGIE Mobisol systems can provide 24-hour lighting and entertainment


Business in a box

ENGIE Mobisol offers Business in a Box Solutions that help Small and Micro Enterprises to establish a business by using productive use appliances offered along with the bundles


Comprehensive PAYGO Ecosystem

Paygee software enables you to kickstart a business and run last-mile distribution for any product, in any location, while giving true visibility on customer behavior.


Flexible for your needs

Systems are designed with a modularity approach to connect up to 5 systems plus inverter; to increase the system capacity by 5 times


Battery Lifespan of 7+ years

ENGIE Mobisol’s Lead Carbon Batterie have an impressive lifespan of more than 7 years in the field

Our Solar Home Systems include as standard:

Quality products engineered and tested in Germany

Field-tested and proven PAYG software and mobile apps

Free PAYG business model advisory / Expert on vertically integrated value chains

Comprehensive support with marketing and sales

Knowledge transfer on operations from our B2C markets

Securing finance for distributors through joint grant applications

Free capacity building training on hardware and software applications

Inventory financing for distributors

Product Offerings

All products

Big hall/chicken farm

Charging kiosk

School Electrification

Household Electrification
& Entertainment (12hrs)

Village Cinema

Solar-powered barber shop


Backup System

Household Electrification
& Entertainment (24hrs)

What is PAYG Business Model?


Sales agent approach the customer and explains about USPs of the product.


Customer contacts Mobisol and provides all the information necessary for the customer qualification survey.


Customer then receives a message that his/ her request has been accepted following the qualification survey being assessed by Mobisol’s headquarters.


A system then gets reserved for the customer right away after he transfers the commitment fee via mobile money.


The nearest Mobi-store contacts the customer for a pick- up date.


Customer arrives at the store and adds extra appliances.


Based on his/ her choices, customer then signs a contract and transfers down payment via mobile money.


Customer calls the technician to confirm an installation day following the Mobisol system is transported to customer’s home.


The certified technician installs the system, wiring properly and also guide them on how to use, maintain and clean it.


The customer's family start enjoying the power and after one month of signing the contract, his/her next payment is due.

A few of the companies we work with

Authorized Distributor Testimonial


“ENGIE Mobisol goes the extra mile and back. With a German-engineered product that is designed to work, and a brilliant PAYGO system, ENGIE Mobisol is by far the most superior product in the lighting global catalog.”

Yair Tendler
Managing Director
Computer World, Vanuatu