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Our dedicated team develops innovative, off-grid solar solutions for home and business.

ENGIE Mobisol offers state-of-the-art clean energy solutions for home and business. Plug and play products are integrated with affordable mobile payment plans and the latest PAYG technology thanks to our in-house innovation, Paygee. Our Solar Home System sizes range from 50W to 200W.

Our work in sub-Saharan Africa stimulates economic activity for the underserved and rural off-grid communities. Our productive use appliances allow customers to establish solar-powered businesses. Through the creation of jobs, especially for women and youths, and the opportunity to build a credit history via our customer financing, our work also has an important socio-economic impact.

Product Offerings

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Big hall/chicken farm

Charging kiosk

School Electrification

Household Electrification
& Entertainment (12hrs)

Village Cinema

Solar-powered barber shop


Backup System

Household Electrification
& Entertainment (24 hrs)

Home & Productive Use Appliances



    Nearly one third of ENGIE Mobisol’s end-customers generate incremental income with their Solar System. The MobiCharger is the perfect solution for those who not only want to charge their own mobile, but also those of their neighbors, friends and family.



    The best accessory for professional haircutting and men’s grooming: our new DC haircutter is built to last. Offering improved handling and low noise operation, it's the perfect fit for barber shops and hair salon owners, and is compatible with our 120W and 200W Systems.


    Home Stereo

    Featuring multiple functionalities, including FM, AM and SW radio, USB, SD and Aux In, and Bluetooth connectivity, ENGIE Mobisol’s Home Stereo is the top choice for any home or bar entertainment system.


    HD LED TVs

    Ranging from 24” all the way up to a massive 43”, our high-quality LED flat screen HD TVs are tailored for off-grid use conditions: robust, long-lasting and bright. With built-in satellite receivers, connectivity and Lighting Global certified.


    Standing Fan

    ENGIE Mobisol’s powerful new floor-standing fan has 15" blades for plenty of cooling power, and is height-adjustable to suit any customer’s needs. There are five tilt-back settings so you can direct the airflow where needed, and four speed settings to ensure you always stay cool. The fan comes with a useful shut-off timer and low-noise operation via its low speed function.

Paygee Software Suite

The Paygee Software Suite is the proven technical solution for any business in need of a totally integrated PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go) platform. Providing a central point of reference for system performance, payment schedules and customer-related information, this innovation supports best practices and processes for workforce management, sales and after-sales.

The cutting edge Paygee Access hardware design was developed by the Paygee R&D team to turn almost all electronic devices into a Pay-As-You-Go device that can be remotely enabled, disabled and monitored – either via Keypad or GSM. And the good thing is: it comes at almost no extra licensing costs for manufacturers.

“We provide a hardware agnostic software suite that makes major consumer and commercial implementations possible for our off-grid partners and new technologies beyond solar.”

Stefan Zelazny / CIO ENGIE Mobisol